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Fix You, entrepreneurs in infant health

“If you have the chance to take part in one of the Santander programmes, grab it as it will change your life”

Lucero Rosas and Julio Cesar García, founders of the Mexican company Fix You, have now helped more than 400 babies in Mexico. Find out about the entrepreneurial BoosterWe project and get inspired!
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Art, at university too

Across the globe many learning centres have a museum to bring art closer to the students. Is your university one of these?

The poet Antonio Machado said “when it comes to culture and knowledge, you only lose what you keep for yourself; you only win that which you share”.
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The Gwydeon Interactive Desk that seeks to revolutionise the education sector

For years, textbooks and notebooks have filled the classroom, the student’s best friends have been pencils and pens and without the books containing your notes it would have been impossible to sit your exams. Today, digitalisation has brought us a new educational concept which means saying goodbye to the traditional methods we have always used.
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Do you want keep up to date with all the grant programmes and academic projects offered by Santander Universidades? Then this is the place for you!

How do you prepare yourself for the labour market? How do you get a grant and international experience? Where can you find financial assistance and what awards can you present yourself for?
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